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"Experience Storytime in a brand new way!"

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Download the Trial version of Clicktoy - Now

  Venture through a pop-up book come to life as the screen fills with beautiful 3D illustrations, music, sounds and activities at the touch of any key.

In The Meadow, a peaceful meadow scene is recreated with movie like quality featuring familiar animals in their natural habitat complimented by melodic original music

With no time limits, point systems or structured play, caregivers and little ones are encouraged to explore and experience at their own pace.

The proprietary ClickSafe technology ensures that children can safely play within a contained computer environment using the keyboard, without the risk of accidentally leaving the game and encountering anything else on the computer.

The Meadow is fun and easy Windows PC interactive software for children ages 1 and up that transforms a computer into a safe toy for toddlers.

- For Windows XP / Vista & Mac OS X 10.5.x -