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"Experience Storytime in a brand new way!"

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Clicktoy offers web site operators an opportunity to spread the word about "Clicktoy The Meadow" and earn income at the same time. We offer a commission on every sale of Clicktoy made from your web site. Earn 35% (or $3.50 US/CAN) per unit via our generous affiliate program organized through our sales fullfilment company RegNow.

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Once you receive your confirmation email and log in to the regnow affiliate control panel.

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Select "View" to bring up the Relationship Detail window.

If you agree to our terms and the offered commision, submit an affiliate request. We review all received requests, assess your web site according to our terms, and if all is well, approve the relationship.

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We strongly believe our product is something very special and appropriate material for children everywhere. Please join us in sharing the fun.

Best Regards,
Ken Kavanagh