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The Year of the Dad – 2010

Monday, January 4th, 2010

In an effort to connect to more families, I’ve been playing with Twitter a little more often. And a positive trend has emerged – unofficially declaring 2010 as the Year of the Dad. For some the label applies just to blogging, but I think dads need a little more spotlight. It’s a hard job. The proverb roughly goes, “As is the father, so [are the children].”  Dads need support, especially positive encouragement. So I’m on board with this idea. I know that with three kids of my own,  I need all the help I can get!

Amazingly my year is off to a happy start with a most wonderful review of The Meadow by the father of Read To Me, Dad. He managed to capture the essence of what the “Clicktoy” experience is all about. Spending quality time with your children in a positive and engaging way.

Over the Christmas break I was doing in-store demos of our game. It’s a real treat to watch kids eyes light up and see the smiles spread across their happy faces as they start pressing buttons and see the animals do their thing. But it’s also great to see the parents soften up a little too. So many people have been (perhaps rightly so in some cases) put off from looking for worthwhile entertainments on the computer.  But that’s exactly why Clicktoy came into being. Children everywhere will be interacting with computers – likely constantly – for their entire lives. I think giving them a strongly empowering and positive experience is critical to the growth of healthy attitudes towards technology and their effects.  This is a much bigger conversation than a few simple paragraphs can cover.  I welcome your comments on this.

Thank you to all the families now enjoying The Meadow with their little ones. May you have a great 2010! and to the fathers.. lets make this year (and perhaps every year from now on?) the Year of the Dad!

Happy New Year,
Ken Kavanagh

The Meadow on Village Gamers 2009 Gift List

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It is a very happy event to have someone appreciate the work we’ve done.  It’s also great to see children happily playing The Meadow.  So I hope readers of the Village Gamer will see for themselves the simple beauty and enjoyment The Meadow can bring to their home this Christmas.

Thank you Village Gamer for your endorsement!  Merry Christmas to you!