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Storytime with Clicktoy

Monday, May 12th, 2008

The way storytime brings a parent and child together is sublime. Holding your little one in your arms and directly participating in creating their world view is something truly wonderful. Describing the pictures, defining the words, explaining the actions of characters is directly encoding your voice and your perceptions into your child’s mind. Research suggests a link between the amount of words spoken to children and their IQs later in life. We are what we eat, so it is no surprise a rich diet of intellectual stimulation begets a more stimulating intellect.

Most interactive entertainmment puts the user behind the controls of the game but not the story. The story is pre-written, the characters already defined and the narrative pre-determined. One aspect of Clicktoy is the ability of the parent to write their own story, to name the characters themselves and make up their own personalities. By providing an environment, a cast and a large variety of actions, Clicktoy enables everyone to use their imaginations. If there ever was a seed worth planting into the mind of a child, imagination would certainly be high up on my list.