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Teddy Bear Picnic 2010

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

We had a most wonderful day today at the 21st annual Teddy Bear Picnic here in our home town of Coquitlam BC Canada.

The event draws thousands of people every year and this year was no different. After a terrific parade, families move to the picnic grounds which are filled with sponsored tents. Each tent offers an activity for children to do. The highlight of course is the Bear Clinic where a child’s loved one is given its yearly check-up.

The Clicktoy tent featured hands on demos of its game “The Meadow” as well as a very popular craft for the upcoming Father’s Day. We had the children decorate silly fish ties (as well as more normal looking ties).  Almost 300 ties were coloured, glued, stickered and crayoned.  Everyone had a lot of fun, as did we! The weather was terrific – not too much sun, no rain, and just the right temperature. If only every picnic could be so blessed!

I’d like to thank the Tri-Cities Newspaper for organizing this fantastic event every year. We wouldn’t miss it for anything!