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Spreading The Word

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

November has been a very busy month so far. Attending the 2008 Dust or Magic Institute in New Jersey was a wonderful treat. It was 36 jam packed hours of analysis of the current state of children’s new media product design. I was afforded the opportunity to demonstrate “Clicktoy – The Meadow” and illicit feedback from the audience. The response was very positive. Once people see “The Meadow” they fall in love with it.

Next stop was Toronto for the Babytime Expo. It was our first real exhibit booth. We showed off the game on a big plasma TV with three kid-level demo stations. Families and their children loved it as well. It was a success and as always, wonderful to see people really enjoying themselves playing “Clicktoy – The Meadow”.

The road trip was long (10 days) and I’m not used to being away from my kids for such an extended period (nor are they from me). The hope and belief is however, that we’ve successfully introduced “Clicktoy” to a few more families that understand the underlying goal of bringing them closer together through open narration-free interaction.